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Service Manuals

Disclaimer: Scubaspares is providing the following Service Manuals to be used by Professional Servicing Personnel only. Scubaspares does not assume any responsibility for incorrect servicing or damages incurred during and after the servicing process. Any servicing/repairs are performed at the owner's own risk. Scubaspares is not responsible for any incompatibility between the manuals provided and the user’s equipment.


ATX Second Stage Regulator Calypso / Titan Second Stage
DS, US, TEK3 & Extrair First Stage Regulator Calypso Yoke / Din First Stage
DST & UST First Stage Regulator Connection ACD Legend (Din & Yoke )
Egress Second Stage Regulator Kronos First Stage
Flight First Stage Regulator Kronos Second Stage
FSR & FST First Stage Regulator Legend First Stage
Flight Second Stage Regulator Legend LX Legend LX Supreme Second Stage
Gauge Consoles LX and Legend Second Stage
Low Profile Auto Dump Valve Mikron First Stage
Spare Parts and O Ring Identification Chart Mikron Second Stage
Status First Stage Regulator Electronics
Swivel Suit Inflator Valve Titan First Stage
TX Second Stage Regulator  
XTX Second Stage Regulator  


Works in Progress (more manuals will be available shortly)